The Simple Method to Burn Fat Explained

In this video, Dr. Berg DC is going to tell us about the simplicity of how our bodies burn fat. To do this, he is using batteries. That’s right; we can understand the simplicity of why people can’t lose weight using simple batteries. On-screen, you will see a large car battery, a large flashlight battery, and a small flashlight battery. If we make these batteries equivalent to your fat:

“an average person who is not overweight is carrying around about 100,000 calories of potential energy. A person that is overweight or obese is carrying at least double that; 200,000 calories.”

Dr. Berg DC

So if that larger battery is fat, then the smaller battery is glycogen. In Dr. Berg’s example, he is saying that we have around 28 lbs of fat. This smaller storage of energy is faster to access and has roughly 1,700 calories of potential energy. Last the tiny battery, which is carrying around about 15 calories, represents the sugar in your blood, which would be around four grams typically.

Dr. Berg goes on to say this is a representation and that:

“the average person is consuming a lot more than that, but these are the three types of fuels that you’re actually running your body on.”

Dr. Berg DC

This is where things get interesting. We are shown something I think we all ‘know’ or have learned at some point but somehow have forgotten. Most of us never get a chance to burn the energy in our storage system because we are eating too much and too often. Compound that with the fact that we are eating the wrong foods!

Did anyone read The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss? Remember slow carbs? The idea is that high fiber foods lock up the glucose in our digestive system for longer, letting our bodies have time to access the energy as they were designed. Slowly!!! But all the refined sugars and carbs that we eat in our current diet is the exact opposite. The energy is accessible almost instantly as our bodies pump out the insulin in response to the higher blood sugar levels.

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What happens next is called insulin resistance, and we all know after that is the much-feared diabetes. But you have a chance to change things!

You can tap into the fat for energy and reverse the damage done by the insulin spikes you have no doubt been experiencing your entire life!

Next, Dr. Berg tells us something very interesting. For some people, it will take a month, but for others, the repair could take much longer if the damage is extensive. You undoubtedly have been abusing the easy to access energy in the form of glucose aka carbs, aka sugar for most of your life and now you are in danger. Like most of the people in the modern world, we have a diet rich in these insulin spiking destructive foods. And now it will take your body longer to heal and reverse the damage done by so many years of poor eating.

You might be asking what to do from here, but like what Dr. Berg says to do in his video. “Listen to your body.” If you are feeling your energy going up and your cravings and hunger going down, then you are on the right track.

But you might be asking, “HOW? How do I get on the right track?

To me, it seems obvious. Keto and intermittent fasting are obvious solutions. However, depending on if you are a man or a woman. Your needs will be a little different.

Ok, crucify me now… I did the thing everyone is saying is the worst thing you can do in today’s age. I said men and women are different… But guess what the newest science is saying just that and I have different resources to help you on your path to weight loss depending on if you are a man or a woman.

I found this program for the ladies out there that looks very promising it was designed by a woman and tested by her so you can be sure it works. It is called the Cinderella Solution “by a woman for women” if you want to watch the introductory video

Click here: Cinderella Solution Video

However, if you are a reader and would rather read about it then –

Click here: Cinderella Solution Written

If you get the program, I would love to hear your feedback and know how it worked for you.

Men. We have a few more options in this space than the ladies. Make sure you support your ladies in their journeys and don’t force them to follow your routine. Something to keep in mind is that women have different biologic needs, and therefore, it is very important to allow them the space they need.

I have 2 different options for the men depending on what you are looking for:

1st up, we have the 28 Day Keto Challenge! Click here: 28 Day Keto Challenge

2nd is the Custom Keto Diet. Click here: Custom Keto Diet Plan

The second option is more about fine-tuning a system to fit your exact needs while 28 Day Keto is a great little plan that makes getting on and sticking to keto very easy. Even if you do not choose to use one of these plans. Please start something and get on that path to health. It is the only way we can Crack the Fat Code is to start something and figure out if it works.

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