Important Announcement

I should have likely done this sooner…

Ok, things are changing and I got a few questions that made me realize I have done this wrong, or possibly wrong. Jimmy W. is my business partner and wrote 80% of the original articles here. Because he has other obligations (and didn’t need to lose nearly as much weight as me). I of course wrote the other articles.

Since we decided I would take over Crack The Fat Code. So far so good… Except…

Yes I did take down the 500+ articles that Jimmy and I previously had written/posted over the years. Part of the reason I did this is many of the videos we posted were just the video and not much content to go with it, and I felt it was best to just work through them and pick the best ones or ones that were actually had good content to go with them.

This is good because Jimmy and I had built a plugin about a year ago that would published videos we liked and videos we posted a link for into the plugin and voilà a new post was created very easily. I hate to admit this but we abused that a little and both of us got a little lazy about actually writing articles.

So the new goal is to work through all the posts which are in draft and clean up the articles we wrote, and write articles where we had only the video.

I will also be doing a lot of design changes till I find something I like. I will also have a ton of giveaways 😉

I’m sure Jimmy will pop in from time to time with a new article or to help me work through the back log but as of right now the goal is to have me do the majority of the new stuff and try out the different methods and report back.

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about the changes.

Talk soon

PS I was asked a few times if I was the guy in the picture/video… No… I will post my stuff pretty soon when I re-write the about page and get an profile pic for myself.

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