Volume Eating for Weight Loss! (explicit)

Joe Delaney shows us something I have not thought about much, but it makes complete and utter sense. Warning there is some cursing in this video so if you watch be prepared Delaney is like a sailor.

So here is the deal you and I know we like to eat. And if you are telling me you don’t or something silly like that, then why are you reading this site? You should be as skinny as a rail! I know I like to eat till I’m bursting at the seams.

But I also know we like the full flavor of a nice fatty steak with salt. Lovely sweets with icing. Like can we dip the sugar in sugar already…. Somehow that reminds me fo the steak I made a few weeks ago I took half a stick of butter and melted it right over the top of that thing in the last few moments of cooking.

Before I make you even more hungry… Back to the point. You can skip the workout montage if you are not into that. The salad he makes around 8 min 15 sec in is so huge… and frankly, it looks freaking amazing.

3 LBS of food for around 650 calories. Volume eating for the save. I’m going to give this a real shot tomorrow. I recommend you do the same!

If this is something that seems feasible then I will post more about it. Just leave a comment below to let me know what you think.


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