Where do Emotions come from? You create them.

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What I’ve Learned (Joseph)

Talks about what causes us to have emotions. He presents 4 ideas on where emotions come from and then makes a decently formed argument for the reason that 1 is right over the other.

During this video we are introduced to the book How Emotions Are Made by Lisa Feldman Barret. She contends that we should be looking at data and not rely so much on the classical view of emotions. This makes a ton of sense and I look forward to reading her book to understand this better.

Links for resources:
Affective Neuroscience – Jaak Panksepp

How Emotions Are Made – Lisa Feldman Barrett


PS If you are wondering I think these subjects have a great impact on our health and related topics. I think often we are driven one way or the other because of our emotions. (ie eating in excess, not exercising, etc.

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