What is YOUR Motivation to Eat?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what is your motivation to eat. The goal is to increase awareness and to no longer eat unconsciously and wonder “why am I fat?”. You need to be aware of what you are eating and it’s not just added sugar, it is all the foods that will create a sugar effect or increase the insulin.
1. Health Reasons
2. Satisfy Hunger
3. Pleasure – Taste Good
4. Boredom
5. Stress
6. Avoid Waste – eating everything on your plate even if you are completely stuffed.

Steps You Have to Do:
1. Increase your awareness by creating a food log
2. Change Motivation of why you’re eating
3. Make it easy – Environment, restaurants, fast foods, don’t go shopping for food in the grocery stores if you are hungry and fix low blood sugar.
4. Stay Present (Log)
5. Fasting – It is very therapeutic mentally and physically and it is a discipline of avoiding.

Hey guys! I have a question today and the question is, what is your motivation to eat? That is the topic for today. Is it for health reasons? Is it to satisfy your hunger? or is it mainly for pleasure and taste? There are people that pretty much only eat for pleasure. What about boredom at night are you just mindlessly putting things in your mouth and just eating I mean I used to have a problem with eating at a boredom specially like peanuts. I would be just consuming it because I like that little crunch, not that I was hungry at all. I just ate because there was not much to do. What about stress? Do you tent to relieve emotional pain, physical pain? That’s a big reason to eat, what about number six, avoiding waste? Do you
find that you always have to eat everything in your plate no matter what? Even though you’re completely stuffed, you have to finish your plate? So this is another reason why people will eat when they maybe shouldn’t be eating. So this is what I would recommend. I’m gonna have you do an exercise and there’s gonna be a link down below in description to then click and then upload this little exercise or document so I can summarize everyone that does this exercise and do another video and show the results. That’ll be really cool. But what it is it’s a food log and you’re gonna through the day log all your food and write down next to the food, you’re gonna write down your motivation. And you’re gonna have some increase awareness on exactly why you’re eating certain foods. So the goal is just to increase awareness. So many people are eating reactively, they’re eating unconsciously and then one day they wonder “why the heck I am fat?”. They don’t – They think that “I need to exercise” No you just need to be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth and it’s not even just the sugar or the added sugar, it’s all the foods that will create a sugar effect which I mean increase the insulin. So that is the combination of carbs in protein that exaggerate the spike of insulin.

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