What Food Can You NOT Resist?

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In this video, Dr. Berg wants to know what food you can never resist. Rice? Warm Bread? Chocolate? Cheese Cake? Cake? The willpower is your strength or ability to say NO. But the packaging of the carbs is also the main culprit of obesity because it was made really attractive, cheap, available and irresistible especially if you shop on the grocery store with low blood sugar.

How to Get Power Back?
1. Read Labels – There are certain things in foods that are creating the problem.
(MSG) Monosodium Glutamate or Modified Food Starch – This increases insulin by 300% that causes to alter the blood sugar and makes you want to eat more.
High Fructose Corn Syrup – Decreases a natural body hormone called Leptin.
2. Craving for salty chips? Get the salt from the dietary foods.
3. Craving for starches like rice, brain? – It could cause fluid retention because it is a carbohydrate that will be converted to fat and make it hard to lose weight because it can spike the insulin. Taking more B vitamins can lower the cravings of wheat and grains.
4. Start consuming Keto Desserts
5. Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting – It will increase your resistance by decreasing your hunger.

Hey guys! I have another question for you and the question is, what food can you not resist. So if I were to put some food in your face, what food could you not say no to? That’s the question for today, in fact, I put a link down in the description. Don’t type this is the comment section – click the link on the description and type it out there because I’m gonna summarize everyone’s answers and create another video to show you the number one food that people cannot resist. In the description there’s a link, go ahead, go in there and type it out and then I’ll actually tabulate everything. So what is the food that you can’t say no to? what is the food that has power over you, is it rice? white rice with butter and salt? How about warm bread out of the oven? Sourdough bread with either butter or olive oil? How about chocolate? Cheesecake? How about chocolate cheesecake together? Cake? Chips? Pizza? What can you not resist? So really the willpower is your strength, the ability to say no, to resist the temptation but the worst situation is the group setting, the social situation where you have this group of people who are all off the program and they’re partying whatever and its going to be really hard to say no in that situation so really even more specifically than carbs causing obesity, it’s really the packaging of the carbs, that really is the culprit. The packaging they make for carbs are unbelievably attractive, very cheap, very available, you go through the grocery line and you look to the right side to the left and it’s just filled with carbs. You got all the chocolate candies and chips.

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