The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health

This is the story of how we came to be afraid of fat and cholesterol & Why the anti fat mindset has made a lot of people’s health worse.
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0:00 Who is Ancel Keys?
2:12 Why the Fat Story doesn’t make sense
4:48 The real reason plant based diets are so healthy
5:24 How Cholesterol really works in the body
6:22 The importance of eating REAL Food
7:12 What if you have too much Cholesterol?
8:07 HDL|LDL Cholesterol
9:02 The real causer of Heart Disease: Sugar & Processed Carbohydrates
10:17 How the USDA guidelines actually worsened our health
11:11 The dangers of Statin Drugs
12:42 The bottom line: We need to eat real food again

Make sure and check out the blog post I wrote on this for more information and the sources I used:

Further reading:
-A good bit of the information in this video came from “The Great Cholesterol Myth” by Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra. Jonny Bowden did a lecture about the book that you can find here: ( )

2:56 – Fat’s importance to homo sapiens
[Video] Carta: Evolution of Human Nutrition –
[Paper] “Man the Fat Hunter” –

4:11 – Timothy Olson Video

5:40 – ABC Australia’s “Heart of the Matter”

7:05 – How it’s made: Canola Oil

7:15 – “What if you have too much cholesterol?”
See link above for Dr. Jonny Bowden’s lecture

8:19 – Peter Attia’s talk on Cholesterol

9:44 – Glucose Metabolism
[Doug McGuff’s thorough explanation –]
[My ‘Cliffnotes’ version –]

10:28 – Hospitalization rates for heart failure

11:35 – Daniel Levitin Video

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