The Japanese Hangover Drink – Turmeric Power

There’s a popular Japanese anti hangover drink called “ukon no chikara” It doesn’t work that well, here’s why and, how to make a better drink.

Turmeric contains approximately 2 percent curcumin by weight, so the 3 grams I recommend in the video will give you 60 mg of curcumin. This is already twice as much as what was said to be effective for inhibiting alcohol intoxication in the study I mentioned. I’ve actually had good results even when it’s not heated or mixed with fat, so it will probably still help if you just drink it with water if you’re in a rush. There are plenty of recipes online to make the mixture more tasty.

The paper I referenced earlier said that “Dose-escalating studies have indicated the safety of curcumin at doses as high as 12 g/day over 3 months,” so most people should be OK to ramp up the dosage when it seems necessary. Then again, turmeric has been reported to have adverse effects when taken excessively. Some sources have recommended that if you’re going to make this a daily thing, you should limit intake of turmeric to only 1.5 g per day. In any case I’d say you should look more into this to see what would be best for you and what you’re taking it for.

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