Science of How OCD Works (Dealing with Brain Lock)

Explanation of how an OCD afflicted brain causes irrational and unhealthy behaviors & A method for treating it.
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The content in this video primarily comes from Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz’s book “Brain Lock.” It was very refreshing to come across a clear explanation of how a mental illness works in terms of physiology rather than psychology. Then I thought it quite remarkable that, as illustrated in the book, by simply changing their mindset and behavior, people can physically change their brain for the better. (As is evidenced by brain scans taken after Dr. Schwartz’s treatment)

OCD is a complex disease and this video doesn’t intend to be an exhaustive explanation of it. If you do have OCD it would definitely be worth your time to check out the Brain Lock book: ( )

For those without OCD, I recommend checking out Dr. Schwartz’s book “You are not Your Brain” which presents a unique approach for stopping bad habits based on understanding how the brain works ( )

Also mentioned in the video is Norman Doidge’s “The Brain that Changes Itself” which is all about the brain’s impressive ability to drastically modify itself via neuroplasticity. While it doesn’t introduce a specific method or techniques, it’s an interesting read with a lot of useful information: ( )

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