How the Internet Redesigns your Mind | Choose your Default Mode

This video is about the choice we constantly have to make throughout the day now that we have the internet in our pockets.


(The irony of me inviting you to follow me on the platform I just ridiculed for promoting distractibility in people is doing well. I fed and put him to bed.)

The point of the video is to encourage people to be mindful of how they use the internet, as what information you put into your minds is important just like the food you put in your stomach. It’s a fantastic tool so there’s no need to “quit” it, just be aware of how it affects you.

Nicholas Carr’s book “The Shallows” ( was an excellent read and raises some unexpected points about how the internet affects the inner workings of your mind

Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work” ( was also a source of inspiration to make this video. In the book, he thoroughly makes the case that to reach enhanced levels of productivity and be successful in your professional or artistic pursuits, you really need to carve out long periods (2 hours) of time where you can work absolutely focused – no interruptions whatsoever.

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